Feliz Natal! Christmas Far From Home is Christmas Still!

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Feliz Natal! Merry Christmas! And in whatever your language is too :-)

The important thing here is, we're celebrating a wonderful occasion, a very special time of year for those who celebrate and believe!

For me, this year is going to be quite atypical for me as I'm not going to Minas Gerais to visit my grandmothers and slew of aunts, uncles and cousins. Neither are my parents coming to Brazil. Or am I going to the US, obviously.

This year I'm staying in São Paulo for a number of reasons, primarily because it was too expensive to fly out to Minas and I also wasn't going to have time to stay there because I need to work this week!

And so this is as festive as our home's Christmas decorations:

Our mini nativity scene, tree and angel

Tonight I'll be going to mass with my aunt and her family here in São Paulo, then we're going to have a Christmas eve drink at her house, and I'm sleeping over and having lunch with them tomorrow. Then I'm going to an expat's dinner with a couple of friends and their friends, which I'm also excited for! 

So despite it not being a traditional Christmas for me, per se - not being surrounded by loads of family and eating like there's no tomorrow - I know I'll still maintain the Christmas spirit by... still eating like there's no tomorrow, attending a Christmas mass to give thanks, and spending time with family, friends and new acquaintances to share in the spirit of giving and birth! 

What are you all doing?! 

In sharing with the Christmas spirt, and since I've been lax on the links, here are a few feel good links for you as my interwebs gift to you! Feliz Natal! :-) 

  • I <3 a="a" buy="buy" did="did" feed="feed" good="good" here="here" href="http://www.someecards.com/usercards/viewcard/MjAxMi0wNDc2MWIzYmRiZDhmZGFm" i="i" laugh="laugh" loud="loud" metro.="metro." my="my" nbsp="nbsp" not="not" on="on" one="one" out="out" read="read" s="s" someecards.="someecards." target="_blank" the="the" them="them" when="when" whilst="whilst" why="why">Christmas gift
s this year.
  • Here's a lovely list on "things that make you happy" which made me smile.
  • I've recently become obsessed with Jango, since we don't get Pandora in Brazil... Have you heard of it? They have a great Christmas pop songs station that I've been listening to all week!  
  • Look at how PACKED Avenida Paulista has gotten these past few days. I've been avoiding it in the evenings... 
  • One of the reasons I love my alma mater so much is that even in our sports you are taught to be generous, thoughtful, and to always be praying for those in need of it. The PC Friars wore Sandy Hook jerseys to a recent game. 
  • Ideas on what to wear for a Brazilian NYE! Since this year I'm being frugal, I'll be on the beach with friends drinking un-classy prosecco, so I'm wearing a white eylet long skirt converted into tube top mini dress :-) 

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