Sampa Weekend Links! 30.11-02.12

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I told you I'd be legit back :-)

So since I'm back to writing, I'm going to make this a little more organized as well!

Every Friday, I'll be featuring São Paulo related links or just Brazil/politics related links that I think would be fun to read or do (if you're in SP) over the weekend. With My Destination now, I can officially say I'm a São Paulo expert, so I'd love to pass some of that knowledge on here as well! And of course shameless plugs/links to My Destination. 

photo from last week of my friend How-Ru's visit to São Paulo - at a Vai-Vai rehearsal!

So here goes this week's list -

- I plan on checking out this Folk Music festival in Vila Madalena tomorrow night. I love folk music, and seeing a mix of Brazilian and international folk all in one spot? Lovely. 

- This Elevator Prank has been ALL OVER the internet this week. Have you seen it yet? 

- I have a new favorite tumblr or quirky Facebook page every week. This is this week's favorite: Indiretas do Bem. This was my favorite indireta thus far. <3 p="p">

- This is from a few weeks ago, but I love the NY Times' Frugal Traveler, mostly because he's also based in São Paulo and always writes great pieces on the city and Brazil in general. Here's one where he convinces his buddy to love Sampa. Which I also tend to do when my friends come to visit! You Will Love São Paulo. Please?!

- Brazilian Band (from São Paulo!). English Rock. Free Album download from my friends at Single Parents. You're welcome. 

Hope you like this whole list thing :-) 


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