On Being MIA and Working Way Too Much

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Ok, so I warned you I'd be gone for a while. I just didn't realize it would be so long!

But just so you have photographic proof of my absence, I haven't been writing for the blog, because I've been doing a lot of writing for My Destination São Paulo, the site I hope to be launching NEXT MONTH (eek!).

Before I start, I need to put in a plug... If any of you readers:

1. Know of anyone who owns/runs/promotes any establishment in SP, please email us.

2. Have any opinion or photos on anything in São Paulo, and would like to share with us, email me.

3. Know of any cool events going on in SP in the next few months, submit them!

Okay, now to the fun pictures. Here's what Cleyton, my business partner, and I have been up to...

I've been writing...

And since we got our SUPER AWESOME camera equipment...

Cleyton's been taking A LOT of pictures...

And he's been so happy doing so... but gets so miserable when he feels he hasn't accomplished a good day's worth of photos:

He's also been selling. His trusty car, which I've nicknamed "Emo," (see license plate), gets him and I to all of our clients. <3 Emo.

I help him out occasionally though, and pretend I'm listening to his explanations on how to work the camera... 

And with sales! 

And we'll bring Cinthia, my roommate along occasionally, as Cleyton's trusty camera assistant, because she's AWESOME. 

And because we pay her in beer. 

I usually always go back to writing some more (those post-its are so I can organize what I've written, what I'm writing, and what I still need to write. The latter always seems to be the longest list) 

We've had some glitches along the way (our logo is not supposed to have an oil infested ocean in it) ... 

But also some really exciting moments (here's to hoping we never have to use this checkbook). PS - Itaú Business sector, F*#K YOU. 

Overall though, it's been fun getting to know the city some more, and attending some great events! 

Until I get tired and need a seat... 

And right now, I need to lay down because it's 1:30 AM, and I may have worked a good 30 hours this weekend. 

Good night, <3 you guys, thanks for the patience! 


ps - Ladies, yes, Cleyton's a cutie, and yes, he's single ;-) 

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