Braving the Entrepreneurial World

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I've been trying to figure out how to write this post for a while, but haven't figured out how, exactly. And then I got to rereading "Brave New World," and realized that juxtaposing my recent decisions with the novel would be a fun way to do it. Probably one of my favorite books of all time, I first read it in my senior year of high school at Wooster School in Mr. Eynon's classroom (my fellow Generals will understand) and ever since then, have felt as if we're still living in the world Huxley was criticizing back in the 1930's.

Since I have started working, I feel like I have never been fully happy. Benefits, bonuses, and promotions have been my soma. While for some people it is the end all of their happiness in the office, for me, this sort of stuff has been nothing but a cheap thrill. In Brazil, there is this whole notion that if you're a registered worker, or, even better, you're a public worker (!), you have made it and have the epitome of job security. Which makes sense considering the country's history of monetary and employment security. But like we read into Huxley's characters as being duped into manipulative propaganda, I feel the same way about this comodismo, we live in.

And so I decided I want to be an "individual," and live my own life and pursue my own endeavors (sort of like Bernard, but hopefully not ending up like him). I've hinted over the past few months that I quit my job and am opening a business with a friend of mine, and now it's all finally official!

When I told a friend of mine this weekend, whom I had worked with at the advertising agency a couple of years back, he says to me, "Yeah, I'm not surprised. You've always been so independent in your work ethic, always going after what you believed in." Which made me smile.

It's been tough to break through all the barriers in this "Brave New Brazil," I live in, but I am finally very happy to say I am my own boss :-)

My buddy Cleyton, and I, have purchased a franchised website, we are now officially partners, and are developing content and selling like crazy for our site's launch in late March/early April. We've partnered with My Destination, a travel website with everything you need to know about a city/state/country, and bought their "São Paulo," directory, which means we're the only ones in the network who can publish on São Paulo state. The good news for you, my English speaking blog readers - it's all in English! The cool thing about My Destination is, they're very focused on...

a.) Having local partners, people who actually live in the locations, so that they can write about the true essence of the city, and not look at it as a tourist, like many other travel websites do.


b.) Wanting their local partners to succeed (that would be Cleyton and I)!

We met the company's owners in December, and have already signed and started payments (making me somewhat broke). I should be getting my business cards in the mail tomorrow, and have been busy typing away hopefully useful content over the past couple of months!

What made us want to invest in this opportunity, has been the flow of ex-pats and tourists to São Paulo, both our desires to do something for ourselves and be our own bosses, and the pure fact that exploring the city, taking pictures, selling (in his case), and writing (in my case), is fun!! We also hope to make some money out of it all eventually :-)

So there you go, my big news that I'm now a grown up business woman!

Do any of you own your own businesses? What's it like?!

And area any of you planning on moving to SP, or are already expats? We're looking for freelance writers!

Looking forward to sharing stories from our experience with you all.


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