Visit to Brasília!

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I just realized I never posted pictures from my weekend in Brasília. Shame on me =/

A few months ago, my roommate Cinthia and I took a weekend trip to our nation's capital! My old roommate Eugenia, and her husband Rafael, have been living there for over a year now and very warmly treated us to a wonderful touristy weekend. She works for Congress and he's a press agent, so they've gotten to know the city pretty well, and have some very interesting friends who we also got to meet!!

I was blown away by how organized the city is. It's a planned city, so one would hope it would be... But this being Brazil, it was funny not to see traffic, people all over the place on the streets. The sidewalks and roads are great! And overall, for being the nation's capital, it's not very reflective of the country...

Plus, Rafael's great at taking quirky photos.

Here's a bit of our shoot!

Aaahh meu Brasil :-) 

Dilma's humble abode.

sweet bridge. 

inside the congress building.

tallest flag ever.

inside congress!

cinthia, congresswoman

inside the senate room

senate building, me and the Minas Gerais flag! <3

i forget, but very cool.

trying to take a funny picture holding the congress "bowl" #fail

inside the cathedral

outside the cathedral :-) 


brasília at night!

from the tv tower

heyyy. from the Juscelino Kubitschek memorial

chillin' on eugenia and rafa's condo's dock.

with the lovely couple.



fabulous lunch!

congress & senate buildings at night. 

tchauuu brasíliaaa

Have any of you been to Brasília? Did you like the city? 

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