Brazilian States and Abbreviations

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My roommate Cinthia and I have put our extra bedroom on Airbnb for short term rental. We bought a fancy little futon for it, and have plans to paint it and turn it into a little office/guest room. Currently, we have a very fun and polite German man who's just moved to SP through his company and will be here for three years.

We oftentimes cook with him and spend week nights cooking and venting about our days at work and interesting cultural differences he's been finding here in Brazil and whatnot.

The other night, he complained that he looked online and didn't find anything with a map of the country, regions, and state abbreviations. He mentioned the German government had a website with all this information, and he was looking for something similar so he could learn about Brazilian geography (SUCH a European!).  Cinthia and I thought that was kind of strange, but then again, neither of us had looked that kind of thing up either.

But the next day, Cinthia sent us a site that had all that information and I thought I'd share here!

On the IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia & Estatística) site,  there's a section that shows all the information our friend needed in English, Portuguese and Spanish, plus links to other important statistical information on different Brazilian states.

If you're also interested, check out the site here. :-)

Just don't memorize Pará just YET, there's a plebiscite to vote on dividing it into three states tomorrow!!

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