My Life Story by Rio Gringa

By 11:17

I have lots to tell you all and have a great profile/interview to post, but I can't tell you some of it yet, so in the meantime, I'd love to share a link with you all.

A lot of people constantly ask me why I'm back in Brazil, or how I got to where I am professionally, or what my life was like in the US... A few weeks ago, my friend Rachel, author of the fabulous blog on everything Brazilian, Adventures of a Gringa, "interviewed" me on Skype, and then wrote a great and very complete yet to the point, profile of my life.  I felt very honored she would take so much time to interview me (it was like, a 2 hour conversation!!), and then to sit and condense everything and write such a great and accurate profile.

So in order to respect her work and answer your questions about yours truly (saving me some breath myself :-P), I encourage you to hop on over to her blog and read her profile on my 'Exile in the Motherland,' as she put it. And then, obviously check out her other posts if you haven't read her blog (but if you're reading mine, you've probably already read and sign her feed, lol)

Also, if you read it and have any more questions for me, feel free to do so in the comments here, since I don't follow hers continuously!

beijoss, and exciting updates soon!

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