Inhotim - Outdoor Artwork, Botanical Gardens, Delicious Food, Oh My!

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Last weekend, my girl friends (+ one boyfriend), and I went to Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais, my home state! I was super excited for the weekend for 3 reasons:

1. I was spending the weekend with my ladies. 
2. We were going to this place called Inhotim nobody had ever really heard of but everyone said was great. 
3. I wasn't going to have an accent. 

I loved the trip for all three reasons (but really number 3 the most - it felt so good not to restrain myself from speaking with my Minas accent and not having anyone make fun of me!) and was able to document most of the Inhotim experience! 

A little more about Inhotim. It's a 90 some-odd acre outdoor museum and botanical garden, about 100km outside Belo Horizonte. There are galleries spread all over the property, and inside these galleries are mostly fascinating work done by contemporary and modern artists, most made especially for Inhotim. The gardens are spectacular and at some points I'd forgotten I was in Minas, because everything was so green (it hasn't rained in the region in months)! 

It's been open since 2006 to the public, but has been in the works since the 1980's!! So it's very well planned and structured. 

How to get there and how much will it cost you? 

We took a bus from BH-Inhotim, which is in the town of Brumadinho. You can go to BH's bus terminal and look for the Saritur ticket stand, and ask for tickets to Inhotim. On Sundays, at least, there is one bus that goes at 9:15 AM and one that returns to BH at 5:30 PM (which works perfectly because that's when the park closes!). This bus is about R$12 each way. 

Then, once your there, tickets to the park/museum are R$20 (R$10 for students/elderly/children), and you can pay R$10 for rides to the galleries that are further away (worth it. the rides are on golf carts!). Dining can vary. There's anything from hot dogs, to pizza to lush and spectacular restaurants all in the midst of the botanical gardens. 

Here are our pictures from the trip (click on the collage to view pictures or see the album here.) - hope you enjoy and I recommend you go, and take me with you!! :-) 


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