Rhode Island Offers In-State Tuition to Undocumented Students

By 10:21

This is why I love my Alma Mater's state. Rhode Island has always been ahead of the game and more liberal than most states, but this is my favorite thus far.

A couple of days ago, my college friend, who today works at the International Institute of Rhode Island, where I also interned my senior year of college, sent me a message on Facebook saying RI had approved in-state tuition for undocumented students!


You can read more about the legislation, why it was passed and why people oppose it on Reuters:
Rhode Island offers lower tuition to immigrants

Here, I just wanted to say this makes me happy because it shows progress in immigration law in the US. I like that since the federal government isn't making moves to pass anything, states have taken matters into their own hands. Because let's be honest with each other here: the biggest contention is more local than national.

Who knows once this is in effect and people see on a national level how progressive this law will be (knock on wood!) and show how much this will benefit the state as a whole, national lawmakers won't start to wake up to this sort of legislation and act?

What are your thoughts? Should states make these sort of decisions? Will RI serve as a guinea pig for other states?

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