Green Card: Approved & In Hands!

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You read that title correctly.

Although it wasn't my green card that was approved and in hands. But it might as well be.

After many many many many years of patiently waiting, my parents received this week, their green cards. And I hear they're actually green!

Last Monday, for some reason I was feeling oddly well. Because who feels good on a Monday? Maybe it had been because it had hit me that I'd quit my job the previous week (more on that in a later post), or maybe it was because I had finally gotten over a near death week of strep throat.

But then my dad called on Monday afternoon, after I had gotten back from lunch and I realized why I was cosmically in a great mood. He calls with a happiness in his voice I hadn't sensed in ages! But then he starts saying him and my mother had cried all morning.

So I say,  "Pai, o que foi? Tá tudo bem? Eu vou chorar também?"

Yup, I did cry too. But just a little. Maybe a tear or two. Because what followed that question was a choked up "Nosso documento foi aprovado. Chega essa semana."

Their process had been approved at USCIS and they were getting their green cards soon! Within a week! Was this really happening?

I didn't know what to say. I was at work, on my land line. I couldn't yell or anything. People were working around me. So I just said, "Que notícia boaaaaa". 

He asked me not to mention it to anyone, because they wanted to wait for the green cards to get there so they could tell the family... but of course I had to tell a close friend... or 5. And make them promise not to tell anyone because the rest of my family didn't know! Oh, and I also had to tell my boss, because he asked me why I was in such a good mood (for the record, I usually am in a good mood, I was just really exuding happiness at this point, I promise!).

My mom called me on Thursday as I was leaving work and SHRIEKED on the phone that their green cards had arrived! They didn't even have to go in for an interview. And there they were in her hands.

"Polyana, pode ir vendo as passagens para nós. No Natal estamos aí."

So there it is folks. After 23 years, lots of hard work, thousands paid in taxes, building a family, a home, careers, a life, and all without stepping foot in Brazil, my parents are coming home for Christmas!

I can't think of any 2 people more worthy of earning permanent residency in the US than those two, and anyone who knows my parents will agree with me. They are the two most hard working and honest immigrants to the US I know, and after years of sufficing with a working authorization, the right to work and live in the country, without being able to leave, they are finally free to come and go and travel the world as they've always dreamed they would.

Parabéns Mamãe & Papai. Vocês merecem isso e muito mais. 

And after 4 years, we'll be together again at Christmas :-) 

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