Convento da Penha - Visiting Vitória & Vila Velha

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Back in July when I went to Minas Gerais to visit family and friends, I proceeded to Espírito Santo, the neighboring state to the east, where I also have family and friends I hadn't visited yet.

One of the places I went to, was my cousin's place in Serra, right outside thae capital, Vitória, and we spent an afternoon at Convento da Penha, in Vila Velha, which is this beautiful convent at the top of a hill (mountain, really...), with a 360 degree view of the city and surrounding area.

It was really pretty breathtaking, is a tourist area in a city few people visit. I really recommend checking out Vitória, if only for a few days, if you're planning a trip to the southeast of Brazil!

Here are some of the pictures from our walk up, pictures from all around the convent, and then the sunset on the beach in Vitória we saw on our way back to my cousin's place!

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