Brooms Line Ministry Buildings in Brasilia

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Can we say - picture of the week?

This image is from the Estadão site, and when I opened it this week, I thought to myself, "Wow, this is the most powerful image I've seen in a while." To you who is reading this and live outside of Brazil, you may not get it too much, but here's the premise of it all...

Wednesday morning, Brasília awoke to find 594 green and yellow brooms on the lawn in front of the congress building, which also is in the center of the many ministry buildings. Why brooms? The NGO that did this, Rio da Paz, used this as a metaphor as a protest against corruption in Brazilian politics. The brooms were meant to be given to each of the 513 Congress persons, and 81 senators, so they could clean away or sweep away with corruption and end our congress' secret ballot system.

A number of the brooms, however, were stolen. Some by building security and even ministry workers. Eventually, they were all removed by the organization that had put them there and most were donated.

Do you think this sort of action will go unheard in Brazil? Or is it a "lost cause" so to speak? What else should we be doing concerning corruption in the country?

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