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So since I thought you'd had enough of my "Here's what I did this weekend," and "Why I hate US Immigration Policy So Much," I thought I'd sign up for a "blog sway" on a great blogger network I'm on, 20SB, or 20 Something Bloggers. Basically, we get partnered up with some other blogger and tell each others' readers about our summers. Which was funny for me since my summer's coming up... but this is Erini's post!! She'll introduce herself, her blog, & her summer for you all below, and then you can check out my post on her blog where I talk about my Brazilian summers! Aproveitem!


Hey everyone, I’m Erini from Adorkable Me. I’m way up state-side, in Chicago, IL. Poly and I were partnered up for the 9th 20sb Blog Swap. And I’m super excited to be able to share a bit about my summer--though I’ve got to say, I’m a bit jealous of Poly and her amazing, real, Brazilian beaches.

I didn’t have a typical summer. It was mostly by choice--I chose to attend school, which subsequently took over my life beginning in April. I still got to go to the beach.* I even went to the pool. I went to concerts & festivals. I went on a couple small road trips. I may or may not have gotten drunk with my friends.** I did some typical summer things--it just didn’t feel like a typical summer. And I guess I haven’t had that “typical” summer feeling since college when I actually had a summer break.

I don’t know how I feel about that trade off. Becoming an adult and having that freedom, but yet having so much actual responsibility that I can’t just have a few months off doing whatever I please. Honestly, at this point in my life, the idea of have that much free time overwhelms me. Yet I continually wonder when things will slow down.

More than anything, I think I’m hitting that point in life where summer isn’t just a time of year. What summer truly comes down to how you’re spending your time--or to be mildly cliche, it’s a way of life. There’s no reason why we can’t have that fun, carefree, adventure of summer all year round. In the mindset of that happy hour beer commercial, it’s always summer some where in the world. Live life like it’s summer.

With that said, I’m looking forward to what the rest of this endless summer has to offer. More concerts. The inaugural 20sb Summit. My 500th blog post. Hopefully a date or two. Or more. And then some. I’m looking forward to riding my new (to-me) bike along the lake shore. School will continue to be intense until it’s through. Then I get a job that will be equally or more-so intense.

So here’s to enjoying summer, wherever you can find it!

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