Visiting Ouro Preto

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So I had legit, 24 hours in Ouro Preto after getting up at 2:30 AM to travel. This is a prelude saying that I clearly didn't have enough time, and plan on going back!!

But I was able to spend some great QT with my college buddy, Gui, and then after Ouro Preto, fattened up at his family's in Luz, a couple hours west of Belo Horizonte.

We were also able to get some incredible pictures of the town, which is one of the most gorgeous I've ever stepped foot in... despite the scarily smooth stone streets that made it difficult to walk in ballet flats (don't recommend them for when you make it to Ouro Preto yourselves!)

Here goes a photo documentary of our visit to Ouro Preto!

First, we got in to our cute pousada and took a nap. We were both exhausted. Before picking me up in Belo Horizonte, Gui had stayed up all night partying for the rodeo he'd gone to and I barely slept on my bus + plane + bus ride to downtown BH.

Then, we decided to get something to eat, but since it was already around 3 PM, there weren't too many places open. We were lucky enough to find a great little restaurant near the pousada, with good home made typical food from Minas - a lá buffet-eat-your-heart-out style.

There, we decided to check out a live brass band playing outside one of the churches nearby. A girl overheard us and told us she was going too, so we went along with her and her friends, a few college students from neighboring towns.

After watching the band, meeting a Hari Krishna from BH, and shopping for local goodies, we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon wandering around the town, taking pictures and wandering into churches.

We discovered Saturday was Dia de Nossa Senhora de Lourdes, Our Lady of Lourdes' Day, and
one of the prettier churches in Ouro Preto (there are like, millions of
them!) is named after her, so we decided to go to a special mass being held in her honor... which was very nice and all, but we were exhausted from not sleeping and walking up and down the monsterous hills in the town.

So we went to take another nap before heading out for the night. And I definitely got up at 8 AM the next day.

Which wasn't bad. We got up in time for the pousada's delicious breakfast with breathtaking views.

We then decided to take another stroll and visit a couple of churches and museums. After walking around and unsuccessfully not making it to Alejadinho's (the sculpture who practically built Ouro Preto in the 18th century) museum because whoever had the key didn't show up? Only in Minas...

And then we heading to Luz, Gui's hometown, where we were well rested enough to visit his whole family and then head out to the rodeo!!

I'm in Governador Valadares now, my hometown, and this Saturday is my cousin's wedding! I'll be sure to post about my week here next week when I'm on the beach in Espírito Santo! :-)

Hope all is well with all of you!


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