Tour de Sudeste - Let's Meet Up!

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Hey hey hey!

So I am very excited to report that starting Saturday and throug the end of July I will not be in São Paulo working or studying or facing traffic and pollution. Férias bitchesssss.

But I WILL be in Brazil. I'll be doing a mini tour of the southeast, I guess :-)

That being said, I would love to meet any of my readers if you happen to be anywhere I may be over the next couple of weeks!

So here's the rundown (sort of, things may change, but we may talk about that) -

July 16-18 - Belo Horizonte/Ouro Preto - MG

There's a winter festival going on in Ouro Preto & I've never been - suggestions for things to do, anyone?

July 19-24 - Governador Valadares - MG (hometown lovin' to visit the family)

A little in the middle of nowhere, but if anyone happens to live nearby and wants to meet up, I'll legit be doing nothing but eating and sleeping (ok, ok, and school work. booo).

July 25-29 - Vitória/São Mateus - ES

I've also never been to Espírito Santo and would love suggestions! I'm staying with a cousin and she's a hard working nurse, so she may have little time to entertain me :-P

July 30-31 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ OR Búzios - RJ (still TBD)

I know there are a slew of you in Rio - let's meet up for drinks!

And then I'll be back in SP so my friends here won't miss me too much.

If you want to meet up, e-mail - Poly's e-mail. Since I'll be doing a whole lot of beautiful nothingness, I should also be writing more. Hope to meet some of you throughout the next few weeks!


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