New Wave of Brazilians in US "Voltando"

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Last night, on Jornal Nacional, the evening news on Globo, they talked about Brazilians living in the US who are moving back to Brazil, mostly because they're lacking job opportunities in the US.

Here's the video for yous who understand Portuguese, and some of my comments on it below:

When I came to Brazil, I would never have imagined there to be a recession in the US immediately after, nor did I expect Brazil to grow so rapidly in the past few years.

From what my friends and family have told me, the employment situation for not only immigrant families, but Americans as well, isn't going too well. My father hasn't gotten a raise in years, my mom's losing clients, last year, and it took my brother (who's an American citizen) three months to find a job! Since I've returned to Brazil, 2 uncles and 1 aunt of mine have also left the US to return.

And don't think it's just the gang that doesn't have a college education. One of my friends who is an American and Brazilian citizen is coming back to Brazil next week with an engineering degree from Columbia lookig for work! I've also had Brazilian-American friends with graduates and master degrees from the US who work for large American companies, request transfers to São Paulo, and are here!

So what is this all telling us? Well, first of all, that I definitely made the right move 3 years ago. And secondly, that this new wave of Brazilians voltando from the US will only make the Brazilian economy stronger. It may affect local communities negatively (as it has my home town, Governador Valadares, famous for "exporting" its people abroad), because some communities rely on remittances from abroad. But this also means that people will be bringing back new ideas, new ideals, and will learn to be Brazilian again.... trabalhar pra viver e não viver pra trabalhar.

What do you guys think? Will this new wave be positive?

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