Festa Junina na Chácara!

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One of my favorite "past times" growing up in a Brazilian community in the US is Festa Junina!

It's pretty much "June Fest," a celebration of Saints John the Baptist, Anthony & Peter. The Festa Junina festivities are also called Festa de São João and held around his 'birthday' (how we know when his birthday was, I don't know), on June 24th.

In the US, I would participate in my Brazilian church's festivities and would always dance in the quadrilha, the traditional Festa Junina dance, where we all get dressed up as old school caipiras (pretty much 'hicks,' and not to be confused with the drink, caipirinha), and hold a silly wedding! Other than the quadrilha, there are always games, tons of traditional foods (sweets made with nuts and/or corn, corn on the cob, hot dogs [?]), and since it's winter here in Brazil in June, warm drinks like quentão, made with cachaça, and vinho quente, made with red wine, and forró!!

Here in Brazil, I had been to a few festas in the past years and in 2009, we held one at my friend's house in the country which was tons of fun as well (we just didn't have the dance)!

My friends and I this year decided to throw a festa junina at my friend's chácara, about 40 minutes outside the city. And what a party it was!! We had about 30-40 people show up (not completely sure, I'd been drinking...), lots of food and drinks (maybe too many drinks), forró (and funk?), and we also had the traditional quadrilha, which wasn't so traditional and actually kind of sloppy and all over the place, but nonetheless, fantastic! And for the quadrilha, I was the bride!! A somewhat slutty & pregnant bride... But that's hickish, right? :-)

Well, so as to not leave you in utter suspense as to how all this craziness went down, PICTURES!

Paty and I giving Cleyton some love.

Gustavo, our host and my husband for the night. With our turtle pillow child.



Some somewhat inappropriate dancing.

Everyone around the fire (for the picture and bc it was frickin cold out)!

More great around the fire fun.

Drinking quentão & vinho quente!


So how about you guys? Any Festa Junina plans this month?!?


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