Best Cities to Visit in the World - We're Number... 11!!

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Okay, Okay, I'll admit São Paulo's not the best place to visit in the world, but it's definitely up there!!

Last year, AskMen invited me to write a piece for their Top 29 Cities, on São Paulo (thanks Rachel!), and in 2010, we came in at 16!

This year, they invited me again to write a piece and it was published a few weeks ago but I didn't know about it. So here goes, one more fun online publication of mine, and one more piece on reasons to visit me in São Paulo :-)

Here's a bit from the piece on Sampa I wrote, but you can find the full ranking here.

Compared to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo would at first seem like its stuck-up and unattractive friend, but take a better look, and you’ll see differently. You’d sleep with Rio for its beauty, silicone and warmth, but you’d marry Sao Paulo for its drive, energy and big heart, despite its insanely irritating traffic jams.

Sao Paulo is one of those cities that really does have something for everybody. Starting with the food, you have great sirloin at the churrascarias and incredible sushi and fresh pasta at, really, anywhere in the city. As for the nightlife, what is it you’re looking for? Head to bohemian Vila Madalena for a beer or go to Itaim Bibi for more of a lounge or club scene. Try Barra Funda for prime electronic clubs or a more alternative spot. Rua Augusta is the eclectic type's dream. In a single block, you’ll find a trendy lounge, dirty dive bar, gay club, and strip joint...

... Read more at AskMen!

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