I'm So Fashion

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A few weeks ago, Tricia Chaves, an American ex-pat in Brazil who reads this blog and has a few of her own (also a freelance writer for those who need one!), asked me for my advice on wearing jeans in São Paulo... since I love fashion, I got a little excited about it all and sent in a full fledged, "what I wear around SP" summary to her and now, I'm in the Tyra Banks blog!!

Can I wear jeans in Brazil in April/May is pretty much an "interview" with me, in which I also turn into a fashion expert.

"Polyana Ferreira de Oliveira is a Brazilian-born, U.S.-raised 20-something who does online marketing for the fashion industry. Off-hours, she's living it up in Sao Paulo or traveling around Brazil. With her tips, you can pack the right looks to transform you from foreigner to fashionista when you visit or relocate to her native land."

Love it! Thanks Tricia :-)

You can find the full article here.

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