How Osama Bin Laden's Death will Affect Immigration

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Disclosure - If you get easily offended with the war in Iraq, 9/11, etc. I suggest you steer away from this post and read Fox News or something. If you are an open minded individual, I suggest you continue.

Osama's Dead. Big f*&@in' whoop. Yeah I said it. For all of you who are cheering away, why?!

Last night, my cousin, American born to Brazilian parentes and Political Science/Pre-Law major at Rutgers, posted a piece of Obama's speech on his Facebook wall and finished with:

He concludes by eloquently stating -"Let us remember that we can do these things not just because of wealth or power, but because of who we are: one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

How can you not come to admire and respect a nation with such principles?

To which I replied "principles of vengeance?" To which he got angry over (our Ferreira blood is keen to short tempers) and said "We seek justice not vengeance!"

I'll spare you the rest of the debate, but overall, he kept contradicting himself (using big words unknowingly, and saying afterwards that justice is not well defined in politics, that the US is #1 in numerous 'things', and that persistence upon building freedom in the US is unheard of anywhere else) and in the end, agreed with me when I reminded him of peaceful ends to dictatorships and national terrors.

My respect for Obama went down a notch yesterday, when all I could really imagine after his speech on Monday was that it was essentially this:

All day yesterday I was already a little peeved with the overall screams and shouts of joy of people celebrating another human being's death, disregarding that fact that Al Quaeda (or however you spell it) is not a one-man operation, and violence and terror have not been 'killed.' My cousin's comment was the tip of the iceberg considering he's family!!!

You'll find comments on myriad blogs and news sources discussing Bin Laden's death and opinions range from "It's not Over," to Hipocrisy, to So What?, and VICTORY - but I'm not here to discuss that since you're probably tired of this already.

Why is this important to my family or an immigrant family in the US at all?

Osama's Death has been hailed by many political analysts in the past couple of days as an opportunity for Al Qaeda to retaliate. If any of you recall, right after 9/11, all immigration processes were literally stalled. Undocumented immigrants were banned from many resources and opportunities they were previoulsy privy to, including paths to citizenship, obtaining identity and a drivers' license, attending University sans visa, and barriers were put up everywhere, including consulates all over the world in countries that posed little to no threat to the US.

As a junior in high school at the time, 9/11 did not only kill many innocent US citizens and citizens of the world, or put mothers' in precarious situations sending their children off to war, it crushed mine and many other immigrant childrens' hopes of becoming "American" or being accepted as 1st class citizens any time soon (Not an exageration, I was 16, it was pretty frickin' dramatic back then!)

This weekend's sort of action set forth by the US government to slay a terrorist leader poses an even bigger threat than starting a war on a country that has nothing to do with the terrorist organization itself (the celebration only proves even further that the US went into the Middle East for Osama, not Iraq). Yeah, some may call it vengeance, some may call it justice, but I call it a distraction.

A distraction from putting my parents' paperwork through USCIS; a distraction from getting people to stop complaining about gas prices; a distraction from acting upon immigration law at any point in time any time soon; a distraction from passing the DREAM Act (ooh, but maybe we'll let you serve in our army and if you don't get killed, we'll give you citizenship?); a distraction from the Reform Immigration for America marches that went on this past weekend.

So what am I trying to say?

Those of you who are tired of waiting for Immigration Reform? Either be patient or go home.

It ain't over till the troops come home... which, unfortunately, shouldn't be happening soon.

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