Gente Diferenciada

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This past week has been a crazy one for me and in São Paulo or Brazil in general.

Last weekend I went to a Rodeo and ran in a 5k in less than 24 hours (not the best idea in the world). My Cruzeiro lost (boo). Homosexual marriages are recognized in Brazil legally (yayee!). Palmeiras beat Coritiba. Avaí beat São Paulo (both unlikely wins, btdubs). Work has been busy/unmotivating/interesting/blah.

... and something strange happened in SP. A neighborhood association asked that a long awaited metro station in a central neighborhood, not be built in there, & THEY WON. WTF, right?

But there's a catch! It's a wealthy neighborhood. Politicians (former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso), big business gurus, and actors live there. And a lot of retired and well off folk overall.

There are comments all over the internet talking about how it's ridiculous and only in São Paulo, would people not want a metro in their neighborhood. There are also news stories where people are interviewed and it's almost disgusting how ignorant some of these people who live in the neighborhood are treating the situation. They're saying, "pessoas diferenciadas" are going to "invade" the neighborhood, and the neighborhood is too "traditional" to become "popularized."


One person started a great initiative on Facebook that had great repercussion. He started an event that is to take place tomorrow. A cookout in front of the mall in the neighborhood near where the metro stop was supposed to be! Over 50,000 people confirmed they were going, and because of the repercussion, the police stepped in and asked it not be held because of the mess it would make and whatnot.

I still can't see why having a metro in a traffic ridden neighborhood with poor public transportation would be an impediment. Unfortunately, this to me, is yet another example of the minority Brazilian upper-middle class getting their way in an initiative that would benefit the majority.

Watch this clip (in Portuguese, sorry!), and tell me... what do you think?

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