Moving to Brazil - Como Faz?

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So a lot of people ask me about moving to Brazil. Brazilians and Americans alike. Sometimes I feel like my situation was much easier than most because a. I'm Brazilian, and b. I speak fluent Portuguese. Those two things help a lot in being able to work legally and just becoming accustomed to the ways of life in Brazil.

To help those who are curious, for the next few weeks, in between my regular posts, I'll be posting interviews with all sorts of people who have moved to Brazil. Frankly, I'm tired and I'm sure you all are as well, of talking about myself so much.

I'll ask them about who they are, why they moved, what they're doing here, how they got by at first, etc. I will also try to talk to people who don't have blogs that talk about their moves to Brazil (don't get me wrong, I love Brazil ex-pat blogs, but I think it's important just because that means it'll be a new story to tell that most Brazil interested readers haven't heard of before!).

That said, I need a few volunteers for me to interview! I already have some, but if you fit into any of the following ex-pat or brasileiro americanizado categories and would like to be interviewed, please e-mail me at poly at polyanadeoliveira dot com.

- In Brazil studying/working abroad through some sort of program.
- Brazilian who moved to the US before the age of 15 and wants/needs to move back to Brazil (or is in Brazil already).
- Brazilian who moved to the US after the age of 15 and under 30 who wants/needs to move back to Brazil (or is in Brazil already) .
- Foreigner in Brazil because of a spouse.
- Brazilian who moved back because of a spouse.
- Foreigner in Brazil transfered by your company or here for work (not spouse/family related) and who has been here for over one year.
- Brazilian over 30 who lives abroad and wants/needs to move back to Brazil or moved back after the age of 30.
- Foreigner from a South American country looking to move to Brazil or living in Brazil.
- Foreigner who is studying in Brazil.

Get excitedddd, I know I already am!!

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