Metro Music

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I've been following a Tumblog called "Metrophones," which is basically neat photos of people listening to music on the São Paulo metro, and there's a description of what they're listening to and the person's hobbies, etc. It's in English and Portuguese, so I recommend it to all my readers! :-)

I always secretly hope they'll catch me off guard while wearing something super cute like a comfy sweater, leggings and ankle boots (<3 "fall" weather), and listening to something very cool, like Raphael Saadiq or Tulipa Ruiz.

But until they discover me... here's a cool video they posted that kind of reflects my commute (including Av. Paulista and Brigadeiro Metro Station, near my office!) and a little bit of what I listen to too!

Hope you liked the little bit of SP I haven't posted about in a while!

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