A Fazenda: Country Living (for a Weekend)!

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Happy Easter my lovelies!!

This past weekend was a long weekend for us (Thursday was "Dia do Tiradentes" and Friday was Good Friday, both national holidays in Brazil), and a bunch of my friends and I went to my friend's family's farm in Pirajuí, a tiny town about 70 km away from Bauru... about 400 km from São Paulo. Add SP traffic to that and it was quite the ways away!

But it was worth the trip & MORE! I had a blas not doing anything except eating, drinking, laughing, dancing, riding horses (a mule, actually). Saturday was exciting too because I hadn't been eating meat or fish for all of lent and I threw down on the lamb my friend made especially for me on the grill since there were churrascos all four days! I discovered I am definitely a carnivore. Sorry vegetarians... I tried, I can't do it. I <3 meat too much.

Ready for a picture breakdown of the long weekend?

We got in and there was a gorgeous sunrise a few hours later we stayed up for...

Then we slept, woke up to go grocery shopping, and Fernando made lunch on a wood stove!

After doing a whole lot of wonderful nothing, we got to see an equally gorgeous sunset

We took lots of strolls around the farm, and my favorite trip was to see all the COWS! The not eating meat thing came in handy here...

Most nights (and days), we would just sit around and drink, smoke hookah, and chat...

Fernando's dad has the cutest and smartest Border Collies that help him out on the farm. We all kinda fell in love with them...

Me horseback riding!! Sort of.

Field trip?

Doesn't it look like a cartoon farm? My friend Fabi's boyfriend was there, from Italy, and he goes to me at one point, "I feel like I'm in the movie Babe... without the pigs."

And right before leaving, we took a group picture with the remaining subjects!

How was your Easter weekend? Did you all travel at all?


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