Carnaval do Pernambuco 2011 - Videos

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I don't have any pictures from my Carnaval in Pernambuco yet, but just so I don't leave you all SUPER anxious, here are a few videos I found from Carnaval in Olinda and blocos I could have been found to be in at some point...

My friends and I, on Saturday afternoon, were at this esquenta, or pre-game of sorts, for this one famous bloco called, Eu Acho é Pouco:

We saw this parade there on Tuesday which was hysterical - Desfile dos Bonecos Gigantes

One of our favorite things to do was dance behind the Maracatu blocos and dance around these drums!

And then there were the concerts!

Two we got to see were Mombojó...

And the legendary Alceu Valença - both from Pernambuco.

Whew! That was definitely a music filled Carnaval. How about you guys? What did you do for the holiday?


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