Carnaval do Pernambuco 2011 - Pictures!

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Here they are!!

After a lovely day at the beach... lovely cold coconut water...

Is there anything more fun than cartwheels and pretend capoeira on the beach? I don't think so..

We were sooo ballin' on our rooftop pool goofing around!

bonecos gigantes!!! probably one of the most fun parades in olinda.

look at how PACKED it was.

getting ready for a day in olinda!! with mini skol cans in hand :-)

LOVED these guys. We were dancing around them ALL night.

Ending the day in Porto de Galinhas, hangin' on the beach.


Beautiful Recife Antigo where all the concerts were!

A little out of order, but still a nice little sneak peak of how my Carnaval in Pernambuco was. Where did you guys go for Carnaval? After seeing my pictures would you go to Pernambuco?


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