Brazil, Country of Contradictions

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Last night I saw a couple of my high school friends who were visiting family in São Paulo and whom I hadn't seen in years! One of them, Rachel, and I went to a bar before getting dinner with their family, and we have a lot of the same opinions when it comes to politics, culture, society, etc. and we started talking a little bit about how South American politics have some weird contradictions (i.e. Is Hugo Chavez an extreme leftist or right wing dictator? Is PSDB more like Republicans or Democrats? etc...). Besides the intense politics banter, it was a great time at the bar over Busca Vida caipirinhas and lots of catching up and "So what's so and so up to?" type conversations.

Then, this morning I got back to thinking about contradictions, and I was writing a guest post/100 word blurb on tips for gringoes in Brazil, but it took a wrong turn, and somewhere along the way, I came up with this...

Brazil is a country of bizarre contradictions. The high rises in large cities neighbor the biggest slums in the city. We are willing to die for the soccer teams we root for but accept high taxes and corruption. We eat our avocado with sugar and our mangoes with salt. Our bikinis are small, but we hate thongs. We’re the friendliest and coolest people in the world but are quick to make fun of gringos… to their faces… and they may not even realize it. We can complain about our country, but like family, we're the only ones allowed to complain. Nobody else.

Can you guys think of any other Brazil contradictions? (Without bashing on my country, thanks. haha)

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