Três Aninhos: My 3 Year Brazilaversary

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I know, can you believe it? I almost feel like I can't call myself americanizada anymore I've been here so long!

In keeping tradition of the past two years, I've decided to recap this 3rd year of mine here in Brazil, living in the wonderful city of São Paulo. And for those who would like to go down memory lane with me, here are posts from 3 years ago, 2 years ago, and 1 year ago...

This past year has probably been the most eventful here in Brazil and the year in which this blog has brought me closest to my readers and to helping those who had been in somewhat similar situations as myself. By that, I mean that I met one of my closest friends today through this blog this year, who, on my 2 year Brazilaversary commented on my post saying he'd just gotten to São Paulo and was looking to meet people. Ever since then, rarely has there been a weekend or special occassion where Cleyton hasn't been present. And then, Marília needed to vent about her story, and I did the best I could to make her feel she could be happy here, and we finally met randomly in October at a concert and just recently watched the SuperBowl together! And then there's Simone, who I also met through the blog, helped her find a job in São Paulo, and today she's my roommate! And I can't forget to mention the lovely ladies I met through Mallory, which was maybe more of a twitter thing than a blog thing, but thanks to them, I had my first real Thanksgiving in Brazil this past year :-) Needless to say, this blog has been a blessing to me and I hope to others as well, and I can't wait to meet more and more wonderful and inspiring people through this tiny corner of mine online!

As for the rest of the happenings this past year, I put together a pretty good recap in my Happy 2011 post! This past January was somewhat uneventful, so no need to worry about that, haha.

All in all, however, I must say these past 3 years have been a roller coaster ride, and fortunately, thanks to a lot of work and prayer, this past year has had many more highs than lows! The friendships I've made here have become even closer and more tight knit, my career is going great, and I am more confident than I have ever been.

One thing a lot of people ask me when they find out I lived in the US for so long, right after asking me if I'm crazy for coming back, is:

"Do you miss it?" And my answer is... "The people, yes. The US itself, no. Aqui é o meu lugar. Aqui eu estou em casa."

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