Feliz 2011 and 2010 Recap

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Happy New Year!!

How did you all spend your new year's eve? I had a small get together at my apartment with a few friends that was laid back, but also tons of fun :-) Here's a picture of the whole gang!

Last year, I talked about Brazilian New Year's traditions, so I didn't think that'd be necessary this year again... but we did almost everything according to tradition! I made pork and lentils, wore new panties (yes, very important!), didn't wear white, but wore beige/gold, so that counts, right?, had grapes, and was surrounded by fun people :-)

I also recapped 2009 briefly last year, so I thought I'd do that today too, but in photo and a little more elaborated, and then later this week talk about plans for 2011!!

First off, 2010 was epic!

I started the year off breaking up with my boyfriend of almost a year, which like all breakups, was sad at first, but then we always realize it was a good thing for us, and today we're friends again. Fortunately, I have the best of friends, so I got right back on my feet and got my year going strong!!

January - I got into grad school! I started my MBA at BI International, a business school here in SP. I love it so far, and since it's part time, I still have a year left and am excited for the projects we have planned for our final business plan \o/

Februray - CARNAVAL!! Since I was single again, Carnaval was my time to shiiinneee. I went to Caconde, a small town in SP with a with 9 other friends and we had an incredible time spending the day in the pool and cooking and then partying all night to a bunch of bands on two different stages downtown.

March - My friend Gi and I went to Bahia!! We spent a week between Salvador, Praia do Forte and Morro de São Paulo, visiting historic sites and beaches galore. I've always been pretty obsessed with cultura baiana, so it was definitely a great trip for me.

April/May - I had to make a really tough career choice, and left my job at Media Contacts, an online advertising agency, to work in house, at Catho Online, a large job classifieds website. I left Media Contacts towards the end of April and took a week off to visit my family in Minas and started at Catho in May. So far, the choice was a great one!! I still keep in touch with those who I <3>
June - World Cup! It was my first World Cup in Brazil, and it was just so exciting, a.) to be able to stop everything I was doing at work to watch the Brazil games, and b.) to be amongst the most passionate fan base in the world! Leaving so early in the cup was upsetting, but it was also fun to watch other teams play and discuss soccer soccer and more soccer for a whole month!!

July - I launched this domain (polyanadeoliveira.com) and went to Rio!! In Rio, I saw one of my mom's friends from the US who's from Rio and it was nice to have a local showing me around since it was only my second time there. I also got to go to Pão de Açúcar which was gorgeousss. And yes, o Rio de Janeiro continua lindoo...

August - EUROTRIP!! My friend Ana and I fulfilled life-long dreams to go to Europe!! When I lived in the US, I had tons of opportunities to go to Europe to study abroad or even just to visit, but was never able to being stuck there because of my legal status. Soooo, when I was able to save up my reais and convert them to euro and british pounds, I was there in a heartbeat! Needless to say, it was the trip of a lifetime for mee (and Ana!) :-)

September - ... was a slow month. But, I did go to my favorite concert in 2010 in September! I'm a huugeee music lover and went to a bunch of shows this past year. And in September, I went to a festival where Calle 13, Pitbull and Monobloco played and had the time of my life with my friends at the show!! Calle 13 puts on an incredible show, Pitbull... wasn't wearing underwear and was wearing white pants, which was disturbing... but his setlist reminded me of college (yayee). And Monobloco is a samba group from Rio and they just made it a completely amazing experience. Here's a video of Calle 13 performing with Monobloco - start watching after about a minute.

October - Was eventful!! I voted for the first time for a president (I'd voted in the city elections 2 years ago already); I saw Dave Matthews band in concert (again. I <3 href="http://blog.polyanadeoliveira.com/2010/10/em-outubro-eu-tambem-sou-alema.html">Blumenau for Oktoberfest!

November - Was my birthday!! I turned 25, but fortunately did not go through a quarterlife crisis. Maybe it was because I was too busy on the beach in Búzios with some of my closest friends? I also had a São Paulo celebration at the bar and samba school rehearsal!

December - My "baby" cousin, Carlos a.k.a. Gugu came to visit! He lives in the US with my parents, is 20, and is practically a brother to me. He grew up with me and my family and so when I saw him after almost 3 years, it was sooo special :-) He spent a week with me before going to Minas to visit our family and we got plenty of QT. He comes back from Minas next week and I'll be hanging out with him and posting some pictures (which are all on his camera, so far!)

Do you blame me for calling my 2010 epic? I hope you all enjoyed my recap in photo :-)

What about you guys? How did 2010 treat you?


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