It's December Already?! November Update

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Oh dear, this month has flown by! But I must say this was definitely a "time flies when you're having fun" type month.

A lot of exciting things have happened, but I've also been quite busy with school, work, and I workout now (my doctor straight up told me I needed to work out or my knee would fall apart), and really wish I had the energy to sit in front of a computer for another 1/2 hour a day to post for you guys!

Let's do a photo essay of this past month though, shall we?

November 2nd was Dia dos Finados, which is a holiday in Brazil (and if I'm not mistaken, a Catholic holiday), where we remember those who have passed away. I spent the day lazying away with my friends and we ended it with a gorgeous sunset from praça do por do sol, which was relaxing and nice to think about my family and how fortunate I am!

Ana and I in the foreground, Mari, Dan, Junior, Erica, Gi & Hirochi in the background; Sunset!


The weekend after that, I helped organize a cookout with some poeple from work at one of my coworkers' rooftop apartment (chique). Since I work with very few girls, the guys told me to invite my girl friends, which I'm never opposed to! And so we get there and the food was good, the company was great, the beer was chilled perfectly... but most importantly, they had Rock Band!! So we took major advantage:

The weekend after that, was my birthday! My birthday was on a Sunday and the Friday before, my parents ordered me a cesta de café da manhã, or "breakfast basket," so that was a great surprise to get that morning! <3>

I gathered some of my besties, and with some help from my friend Cleyton who has a house in Búzios, we made our way to this gorgeous beach town a couple of hours past Rio de Janeiro (but still in the state of Rio!).

overlooking one of the beaches

the crew <3

a map of búzios!

On the way home, we decided to stop in Rio. Which is beautiful even on an overcast day...

It was lots of fun and all, but then I came back with food poisioning... so I laid low for a few days and the Sunday after, invited a few friends to celebrate my birthday in São Paulo too at my favorite bar and then a samba school rehearsal. Both were super fun!

gigi, ana, me, rafael, erica & ph @ the bar.

one of my favorite couples, igor & camila

some former coworkers & co. miss you guys!

a bateria tocouu tocouu

a samba school rehearsal isn't a proper rehearsal sans gringos

some of the guys from work made it to the rehearsal!

Then finally, last weekend, Veena, a friend of a friend of mine from New York, came to São Paulo and she's here until January. So we took her out to all sorts of fun places....

Veena eating a pastel

One of the fun places was Mallory's house in Indaiatuba, where I had for the first time in 3 years, Thanksgiving dinner!!

Fooodddddd - Check out Mallory's Blog if you want to make food that looks like this

I met Mallory through Twitter and she met some other fun Brazilian-Gringos through there too and decided to invite us all over for Thanksgiving! It was tons of fun and... well... you all know me and making new friends :-)

Henrique, Mallory, Rita & James. Two lovely couples!

I made pumpkin pie for the first time and it was actually quite tasty:

Whew, ok, sorry for the long post, but at least it was pictureful!

Tell me now, how was your November?


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