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Ok, so I don't know if it's because I just voted for Marina Silva, or if I can feel the pollution in my nostrils walking down the street in São Paulo, or if it's because it's something we've been discussing in my MBA classes, but I've been wanting to share this video we watched the other day, for a while now - have any of you seen it?

It's in English with Portuguese subtitles, olha que maravilha! and talks about where our world is going and why we should live more sustainable lives. My long term goal is to run a business or non-profit that focuses on sustainability, whether it be the product, service or just how things are done in the office. For now, I try to just do the little things, but if you don't get a wake up call like this video, you think you're doing tons to save the environment and then realize it's not at all enough...

This is for you Americans driving SUVs and you Brazilians who are taking 3 showers a day... it's probably one of the most inspiring videos I've seen in a while and worth watching all 20 minutes! So bookmark it for later viewing if you haven't seen it yet :-)

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