Fun Weekend & Learning From the Elderly

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As I sit here with my new and expensive (at least in R$), albeit supposedly miracle working Kiehl's face mask on Sunday night, I figured I'd share a weekly recap with you all :-)

I've mentioned that I've been hitting up a lot of concerts recently, and this past Thursday after a pick up soccer game with the guys from work (yes, I've been ballin' so to speak), I saw one of my favorite new bands play in São Paulo, Bomba Estereo, a band from Colombia. Although my pictures came out horribly, I filmed a half of one of the songs, which was even better because their energy is incredible (and check out the great work their VJ did with the background images!)! Press play as you read on! Oh and sorry for the blurry parts... it's tough being short!!

I work 2 blocks away from one of my favorite bars in São Paulo, The Blue Pub, and fortunately it's most of my co-worker's favorite as well, so we make it a point to go there for at least a little bit every Friday after work. I left to go to my friend's house who was having a little get together for her birthday and after hanging out there for a couple of hours left to get a beer with a friend of a friend's who'd asked me out. (Quick Side Note: I don't think any of the guys I've dated recently read this blog, but it hasn't been an easy road ladies who get where I'm coming from... when the guy's not a lush, he's a commitment-phobe, too agressive, too affeminate or there's just plain no chemistry (the worst, esp. when he's a sweet guy... which was the case of this guy from Friday night... that and the affeminate thing)!

Saturday I went to an event at Kiehl's and left lots of money at the store in exchange for "make me prettier" products and then had lunch with a couple of friends (Japanese food!), bought a new cell phone (I'm finally online via mobile which means I'll hopefully be updating more!), and then came home to rest for my friend's birthday party which was at a samba spot called Boteco Seu Zé, and probably one of my favorite samba "houses" in SP. Late night coxinhas at Ofner were a great end to the night...

Today I had lunch at my friend Thiago's house where his family was having a cookout and he made peanut butter pie (he loves everything American!). From what you all read I clearly had a fun packed weekend starting Thursday but the highlight of my weekend was chatting with Thiago's 94 year old grandfather who besides being the cutest man on earth knows everything about this city since he's resided here since 1916! He talked to me about how the city has changed; how he played soccer for Palmeiras, Portuguesa & São Paulo; how he and his wife helped build Hospital das Clínicas, the largest public hospital in the state (country?); and how his mother lost all her money in real estate auctions! There's really no measuring how much you can learn with someone who's been through so much and as I sipped on my espresso after downing a huge slice of peanut butter pie, I couldn't help but smile goofily as I listened to Thiago's grandfather reminisce while seeing his eyes light up with every sweet memory!

It made me miss my own avôs, may they be with God :-)

Okay, I apologize for the narcissistic post (did I mention my friend Thiago is a psychoanalyst? I tend to speak shrink after hanging out with him!), I have to go because it's been 20 minutes and I need to wash this mask off!

beijoosss & have a wonderful week!

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