Em Outubro, Eu Também Sou Alemã!

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This past weekend, my friends and I rented a van and made our way down to the city of Blumenau, in Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil, to go to Oktoberfest! That's right, not Munich, not Germany, Oktoberfest in Brazil baby. It's largest Oktoberfest celebration in the Americas, so imagine how big this thing is. It was about an 8 hour drive (10 with traffic) and despite being tiring, we had a blast!


Oktoberfest in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, is an annual event that was originally created in the 1980’s to generate funds for the city after a severe flood took over most of the city. Why Oktoberfest? Well, Blumenau was founded by German immigrants in the 19th century, and this cultural enclave continues so much that many in the city still stick to German traditions and speak the language. After the first festival’s success, the city has hosted a little under 3 weeks of festivities every year for tourists from all over Brazil and the world and today is the second largest cultural festival in the country!

I had the privilege to attend this past weekend and my friends and I had a blast!

I even learned a fun song Oktoberfest Blumenau song:

Em Outubro eu também sou alemão! (In October, I’m also German)

Um ano de espera pra gente pular e se divertir
Que legal, vamos pra Blumenau
No Vale do Itajaí

Ainda aguardo na memória histórias que a gente viveu
Um ano se passou, quanta saudade ficou
Dezessete dias no Vale Europeu

Em outubro eu também sou alemão
Bem vestido, divertido
como manda a tradição
Oktoberfest em Blumenau vou me divertir

O chope é bom demais, e a gente sabe o que faz
Se beber demais pra casa a gente vai de taxi

E se sobrar uma grana a gente leva de recordação
Chapéu e camiseta e guarda com carinho no coração.

It’s really just a drunken rendition of some sort of German fight song, but I had fun singing it nonetheless and had a great time being Alemã!


And here are a couple more pictures!

Cleyton and I going out for a ride...

Murilo and I dancing the night away!

The boys from work!

A couple of my partners in crime

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