Dia de Nossa Senhora Aparecida

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Today was a holiday in Brazil. It was Dia das Crianças, or "Children's Day", and also Dia de Nossa Senhora Aparecida, which is "Our Lady of Aparecida," the Brazilian patron saint.

One thing I miss about the US is the church community I was a member of. Here in São Paulo, it's hard to find a Catholic church which is really community driven. What I mean is, every church I've been to here seems to have that feeling that everyone just goes to church every Sunday and that's that. Where I lived in the US, it may have been because I lived in a cultural enclave where all most people really had was their friendships and "family" that belonged to the same church, but maybe things are different here because it's a bigger city. Whenever I visit my family in Minas, I feel that they have the same fun church outings, events and just plain wanting to take place in church activities.

I went to mass today and it was kind of, "blah," as most masses I have attended here in SP have been. Instead of a great mass and celebration of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, like the ones we would have in frickin' Connecticut, there was no hoopla, and the priest treated it as if it were any other day. Maybe it's because the church is also in a wealthy neighborhood? I have been trying to make all sorts of excuses! I hadn't been to mass in a while and unfortunately today's mass didn't really make me want to keep going. But, God willing, I'll find a church here that makes me smile! :-)

On a lighter and completely irrelevant note, Sunday I went to a great concert/festival which was on a farm in Itú, about an hour outside SP City, and where all the cool kids were! I went mostly to see one of my favorite bands ever, Dave Matthews Band, but there were all sorts of great acts, from techno DJs in one tent, lesser known artists in a another, and two main stages where, on Sunday, national acts like, Capital Inicial, Teatro Mágico and Jota Quest played, along with international stars like Regina Spektor, Joss Stone, DMB, and Kings of Leon played. Here are a few pictures from mine and my friends shenanigans:

L-R, T-B: Gi, Ana and I making kissy faces; DAVE; Marília!! Who I met in the middle of the concert and who I know through this blog!! So exciting to meet her there; and pre-concert tailgating :-)

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