Brazilian Election Day 2010

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Last week I wrote about how I wasn't doing the whole Brazilian election thing right and acting too American about everything. I also wasn't sure as to who I'd vote for.

But after an intense week of researching and Googling candidates' names + "scandal," "ficha limpa" (clean slate literally, but it's a term used for candidates who have never had trouble with the law!), I came up with what I thought were great candidates!! I learned that if you do some good research, you can find seemingly wonderful polticians running even if they're not so popular.

So here goes who I voted for and their parties and I put in bold who won!

President - Marina Silva (PV)
Governor (SP) - Skaf (PSL)
Senators - Ricardo Young (PV) Aloysio Nunes (PSDB)
Federal Congresswoman - Mara Gabrilli (PSDB)
State Congressman - Carlos Giannazi (PSOL)

As you can see I'm not really loyal to any party in particular and voted for parties that are complete opposites of each other (i.e. PSDB = center/right and PSOL = left). I voted for the candidates - and that's what I learned one needs to do in Brazil. Since there are so many parties and candidates, and parties are constantly changing, you just have to vote for who you believe in not what their party believes in. But as you can also see, I wasn't at all a majority voter. The two PSDB candidates I voted for won, but São Paulo is overall a PSDB state (José Serra's party, who also won over paulista's majority votes yesterday).

As for other people? Most people who I know also voted for Marina Silva for president. Now, most of the people I know make up about the same socio-economic class. A lot of newspapers, blogs and forums today were discussing who voted for whom and by who, I mean "where is this person in society?" Almost everyone I asked who said they were voting for Marina are college educated, young, liberal, and conscious and worried about Serra and Dilma's unsustainable plans for the country. And those who weren't in this description, have kids who are!

Many people who were able to spring from the lower classes to the lower-middle and middle classes in the past few years are convinced "Lula's candidate" will keep helping them out so for the most part, they voted for Dilma. I know most of my family in Minas Gerais also voted for Dilma Roussef in protest to the Minas Gerais governor, Aécio Neves, not having been elected by his party (PSDB) to run for president, while others in my family voted for Dilma because they're PT fo' lyfe. They were somewhat American in their vote as were a lot of people who voted for Serra. The upper and upper-middle class conservative Brazilians voted for him because he was the only conservative candidate who is looking out for the richer classes.

Now I'm CLEARLY oversimplifying profiles of Brazilian voters and don't want anyone to be offended by my clearly unvalid analysis. I'm basing this on forums, articles, my own personal experience, editor's notes and blog posts I've been reading for the past few months, but I also think it's valid to sit and think about! But I mean, don't Americans do this when they say someone's such a Democrat or such a Republican?

So what do you guys think about the elections? Who did you vote for or want to have won? Anyone want to try to convince me to vote for either Dilma or Serra in the runoff elections in a month?

Oh, and I refuse to talk about Tiririca, the clown, winning. It makes me too sad.

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