I've been reading way too much...

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They say the more blogs you read, the less you write in your own... A little too true!

My Google Reader overflows with new posts every day and my Read it Later is super backed up (my task for the afternoon is to tackle it). Other than that, life has been pretty uneventful since getting back from Europe except for, lots of work, a Lauryn Hill concert (okay, that was pretty exciting), São Paulo Restaurant Week visits to yummy restaurants, watching the full season of Modern Family, and discussing and reading up on and watching videos on the upcoming elections!

And of course catching up on my Google Reader which I plan on "cleaning up" right after I finish writing this. But first, some links worth reading I had to star these past few weeks:

- I miss Brazilian Day in NYC (people don't really celebrate Brazilian Independence Day in São Paulo)
- But just in case you're curious - How Brazil gained its independence!
- *sigh* São Paulo's amongst the top 5 cities with the worst traffic in the world.
- My new favorite American in Brazil blog (I don't like using the word "ex-pat"- it makes it sound like the person's a fugitive, doesn't it?)
- I've discovered my interest in fashion is really all about my personal style.
- Since I'm so grown up, I'm loving these DIY home projects and advice!
- I want this map!!
- SEO is here to stay, despite Google Instant, b*tches

Ok, "that's all" - I figured if you like this blog, you'll like at least a few of the above :-)

And since it's less than a month away, more on elections this week!


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