New Domain, Woo Hoo!!

By 20:08

It's been a busy few weeks and you'll all forgive me for not writing when you hear what I've been up to!

First of all, if you're reading this through a navigator (and not a feed), you'll see the URL has changed!! I have bought my own domain \o/

So now you can find this blog forever and (hopefully) always at:

It took me a few weeks to decide what to do. I was thinking of doing something more along the lines of the blog's "theme." Buy "" or "" or whatevs, but when it comes down to it, this is simply my personal blog where I rant and rave about things I've been up to - where in Brazil or the US or not :-) So the creation of the subdomain was the final verdict!

Along with the domain change, the blog will be getting a face lift by one of my uh-mazing web designer friends, so keep an eye out for that!!

I've also posted a little bit of material on the main domain: (all by myself!) - I'll be using that as just a porfolio of sorts which you're also more than welcome to visit! I've made the pages which allow comments, so feel free to comment away!

A couple of weeks ago I also went to Rio de Janeiro for the second time, and this time I had the chance to go to Pão de Açúcar & Morro da Urca (those two mountains on the water you see in every image of Rio):

How gorgeous?

I came back deathly ill (well, with tonsilitis), and took about a week to recover - booo.

ALSO - as some of you probably already know, I've been saving my reais for a very special vacation. My friend Ana and I are going to embark on a 2 week west European adventure in precisely 14 days! So planning for that has taken up most of my post-work time.

But now that things are almost 100% set, I'll have more time to dedicate to the blog :-)

Hope you've all been well, and look forward to getting back in full swing!


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