For the Love of Soccer... but not Politics.

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So Brazil's out of the World Cup... e agora José?

Well, now hopefully people will start to talk about the upcoming elections... but that may not be likely either.

This was my first Cup in Brazil, and being out of Brazil it was a time to take pride in what my country's really really good at - soccer & partying. We would watch the games at home or at our church or at a bar, and then when Brazil won, raid the streets in our yellow, green & blue!

Here in São Paulo, the situation is similar, we leave the office, go watch the game at a bar, get wasted, and celebrate with a post-bar drink at bar number 2.

What kept bothering me though, and what bothered me was that I couldn't stop thinking about this, is that throughout this past month, I saw people hold Dunga, Kaká, Robinho, & Felipe Melo accountable so much more than I have ever seen people hold Lula, Celso Amorim, José Alencar, or Guido Mantega accountable for anything. Well, maybe Lula... mayyyybe. I bet half the Brazilians reading this post don't even know who the four latter are (you're Googling them, aren't you?)

And I've seen this is a trend in Latin America overall, but I feel like Brazil is the worst when it comes to political accountability.

If only we can have as much passion for making our country run better politically and economically as we did for soccer... Then we would really be en route to taking an even more real pride in our country than we have been!

Just a few thoughts - what do you all think? Is there any way we can do this? Or are you just going to be a typical Brazilian and tell me there's no way?

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