Here and There "Winter" in São Paulo

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Hey kids! So nothing really's inspired me to write recently. Work has been good, school's starting to pick up (we're doing logistics now, wtf?, definitely challenging for me), and the WORLD CUP is going on. Probably one of the most glorious events of every four years (that and my dad's birthday on Feb. 29th!). So instead of writing about something boring, or the World Cup or Elections, I've decided to just post a few pictures from the past month or so! I've had tons of encounters with friends from Danbury, CT (where I grew up in the US) this past month, so I thought I'd share those nostalgic and feel good moments with you all!!

This is my friend Fabiano and I. He's one of my faves from "back home," in the US, but is originally from São Paulo. He was here visiting his family and we got a chance to catch up over drinks!!

There was a holiday early this month and it fell on a Thursday. Since at my new job we can't turn Thursday holidays into long weekends (booo), a few of us from work decided to go to Playcenter, an amusement park right inside São Paulo! I'd never been and had a blast! See my relieved that the roller coaster ride was over?

From left to right - Jacqueline, Lari, Me, Shirley, and Evandro!

And now for a classier photo op. One of our family friends (also from Brasil but living in the US), Angelica, celebrated her 40th birthday here in Brazil, in her family's hometown, Volta Redonda in Rio de Janeiro. So I went up for the weekend and her party was tons of fun!! It was a masqued ball, and my mask was somewhere...
I also got to see the rest of Angélica's family, including these two who are more family than friends!! I grew up with Bernardo and Bianca and it's always sooo great to see them!

Last weekend was one of my good friend Kelli's birthday and we celebrated at one of our favorite underground clubs in the city, Sarajevo. Here I am with the lovely ladies!! From L-R: Aninha, Naty, Kelli, Kayla & I.

And what would a post this month be without mentioning the World Cup? Last Sunday, I watched the Brazil vs. Ivory Coast game at this GREAT bar nearby called Pé de Manga. I went with a friend of mine who also lived in Danbury, Camila, and her husband and friends, and some of my friends. We had a table of 15 so we had a great time! The picture below is of Camila and I (I'm wearing a shirt I've had since the 2002 World Cup, so it's LUCKY!)
And here is Igor (Camila's husband), his brother Nilo, myself, Camila, and her two friends whose names I don't remember, but they're a lovely couple from Mexico! :-)

I have more pictures from this month but can't find them. And I took tons of pictures of Brazilian flags and all sorts of green and yellow all over the city to show you guys too, but I can't figure out how to get them on my computer =/ You'd think I didn't work in the internet industry!

My friend Poliana, also from Governador Valadares, and who also is my friend from Danbury (I know, weird) and who's also such a "Pollyanna," is coming to visit this week, so hopefully I'll have more for you all soon!!
Hope you enjoyed :-) beijoosss.

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