Clube Berlin & Recent Happenings!

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Hey Kids!!

Alright, so I was going to write a huge post about Virada Cultural, this great annual event here in SP and was this past weekend and of which I write about every year (?), but this time around, I’ll just point to relevant posts :-)

The first is in Portuguese, and it’s my friend Gi’s blog. She was my partner in crime (and usually is my partner in crime for fun happenings) at the Virada and put together a GREAT recap of our 24 hours frolicking around downtown São Paulo and witnessing great shows and events!

The second is a post I wrote for The Portuguese Blog about Virada Cultural and Zélia Duncan, one of the artists I saw there and who I <3. There’s a video of her performing at a show in the post which shows how great her on-stage presence is!

But what I realllyyy want to talk about today is this great little bar I went to last night (I know, on a Tuesday, tsktsk). One of my new buddies from work invited me to go with him and some of his friends and I’d heard of the bar before and how it’s great for jazz and blues on Tuesday nights, but had never gone.

So I decided to risk going out on a Tuesday night and hit up Clube Berlin accompanied by quite a few handsome men (the girls were being losers last night) ;-)

The place is ADORABLE, decorated all retro-like with fun chandeliers and wallpaper.

And the band that played was incredible: Staxploitation

The DJ was even better! Made me miss my little brother who DJs and would have loved it.

(His name was DJ Waltinho Abud, I couldn't find anything on him - if anyone does, let me know? :-))

The downside was they started playing at midnight or so and we left around 1ish, because after all… it’s Tuesday.

But for those in SP City, I highly recommend hitting up Berlin in Barra Funda on a Tuesday night and inviting meee.

"My" soccer team, Cruzeiro, is playing tonight against São Paulo for the Libertadores Cup elimination round and it's my friend Dan's birthday so I'm going to the bar again, but this time I'll get home earlier - I hope!


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