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I came to the realization this week that I hadn't talked about my MBA yet on the blog, and told you all about how it's going!

Aaandd, it's pretty awesome :-) For those who don't know, after much debate and difficulties for me to get back to school, I found a school here in SP that has all sorts of international partnerships with international universities, including American ones, and they took my diploma and now I'm in a grad program and going for an MBA at BI International!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Brazilian educational system, from elementary school through college and grad school, here you spend the entire year (or two or four years depending on the program) with the same class but different teachers. So you're in the same classroom with the same people foreverr. At BI, the way it works is, there are our classmates we'll be with for the 2 years and then the program is separated into "modules," where every month or so, we'll study a specific module for that period of time and there's one professor for each module. So we started off with "Managing People," which was with a lovely professor, Regina. Now that that's over, we've started, "Business Opportunities," and that module will end mid-May... and so that's how it works.

Here in Brazil, every higher level educational program you complete also has a sort of thesis which if it's a paper it's called a "Monografia," or if it's a group project it's traditionally called a "TCC," or "Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso." In my case, we have a TCC, and it's going to be a Business Plan! We've already had groups chosen, so we have a year and a half to finish our business plan, and the guys in my group (literally the guys - I'm the only girl yet again, haha) and I are really excited for our idea!! I'll tell you all more later ;-)

What I LOVE even more about the program is that everyone is really excited to learn and the entire class participates and in general it's a more mature crowd than college was. I'm also not the only "semi-gringa" in the class which is refreshing. One of the other guys in my class also went to college in the US!

We have academic blogs for the program, so if you would like to check mine out, you can find it here: polyana de oliveira - blog acadêmico (it's in Portuguese, obvi...)

I guess that's it for now. Just thought I'd share my back to school excitement with you all! I was thinking about this post all throughout my classes this week and finally got a minute to jot everything down! haha

I also have some pretty big news I'll disclose next week!! (SUSPENSE!)

Hope all is well with all and have a fabulous weekend :-)


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