Farewell + New Beginnings.

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In life, we're faced with all sorts of tough decisions. And this past month hasn't proven any differently for me. Remember I said I had big news for you all? Well, I'm finally ready to tell you!

The week I returned from Bahia, right before Easter, I think every headhunter and HR person in São Paulo decided to hunt down SEOs. I had lunch with a friend and former coworker of mine who's now at a large online portal and he was telling me how this one company e-mailed him. He then told me I should get in touch with them. But that wasn't on my mind. I was going to stick it out at Media Contacts since I'd just gotten a raise.

Plus, I didn't think I could call myself a "professional" yet... that was until, I received three e-mails from different companies, all through LinkedIn the day after said lunch. One was a headhunter from Rio asking for my resume because he thought my profile was just what they were looking for. Another was for a Coordinator position at a competing advertising agency, and another was for a large online job classifieds site (which ironically contacted me through LinkedIn... huh...). I decided to decline the interview invite from the agency, told the headhunter in Rio to give me some more details and sent off my resume, but haven't heard since, and went in for an interview at the job classifieds site.

Now, I'd gotten other proposals for jobs in SEO but none were as tempting as that particular week's lineup. I decided to go in for the interview because it was for a position to work "in-house," which in the SEO dictionary means to work for the company whose site(s) you're optimizing. At Media Contacts, I was working at an agency and worked as a consultant for various different clients' sites. I'd been curious as to know what it'd be like to work on the other side, in-house., for a while, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to go in and chat with them.

So I went in and took a test which was SUPER tough, and then talked to a couple of the site development team's managers for a while about SEO and how awesome it is and what I'd done with my clients up till now. I left thinking I'd failed the test, but oh well...

Randomly, one of my classmates from my MBA works at this company, so I decided to talk to him about it and if he liked working there and if he knew these guys and apparently he loves it there and the guys are awesome from what he says! He also told me the next day that he was pretty sure he

was going to have a new colleague. And I "pshed" at him.

But... he was right! A couple days after my interview they e-mailed me with an invitation to work with them. GREAT, right?

Well, not SO much. I really like my team and my clients and where I am. So I started kicking myself for going to the interview (Who'd have thought I'd actually pass?). But then I talked to a couple of friends and my parents, and I spent a weekend reflecting on whether or not I should take the offer and put everything on a balance (with episodes of 90210, House, Sex and the City, going to mass, and a long bike ride to help sort things out).

And I decided to take the job! The balance leaned more towards the offer - a more organized different work environment, I won't have to rely on clients to make things work it's a more results oriented job, I'll be learning new strategies, have a much fatter paycheck higher salary, and I'll be working a block away from my favorite pub much closer to home. I also like to think that things happen for a reason. And when an opportunity like this falls on your lap, you have to take it before it goes away! One thing that kept sitting in the back of my mind as well was my father constantly telling me to never "settle." I think maybe that's why I'm always trying to pull off a million things at once.

The past couple of weeks have flown by and yesterday was my last day at Media Contacts. There was a happy hour Wednesday, Mexican food lunch yesterday, bittersweet goodbyes last night, and a few of my guy friends who I always grab a beer with near Media Contacts on Friday nights treated me to our last HH Friday (Since I'm going to be working in a different part of town now!). *tear. But I didn't cry! I even purposefully wore mascara to work so as to not cry.

So that's my news! I start work as an SEO Analyst at Catho Online on May 3rd, and right after my medical exam and dropping my paperwork off on Tuesday, I'm catching a flight to Minas to see my family before starting the new job! Because you know between any big transition, one needs some major comfort food & family lovin'.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to chatting to you guys about my new adventures!!

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