Back From Bahia!

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Leave it to me to leave you all a week of posts when I'm away and then not post when I get back. I'll get to your comments ASAP, I promise! *sigh. I hate playing catch up! But one thing I DID manage to do was upload my pictures from my trip to Bahia with Gigi! So here goes a few pictures from my one week getaway to lovely Salvador & surrounding regions :-)

We started our day off Sunday going to Pelourinho & Cidade Alta - this is a view of the bay of all saints (bahia de todos os santos) at Elevador Lacerda.

These guys were AWESOME! They're with Escola Olodum, a school that teaches underprivileged (I hate that word but can't think of anything more politically correct) kids to play regional percussion instruments. Gi and I would have stayed here the rest of the afternoon had they not stopped playing!

I paid R$2 to take this picture, so I'm posting it EVERYWHERE. Me with a "baiana." And don't make fun; this was my gringo tourist moment. Let me bask in it, will you?

This is a view from the café at MAM (Museu de Arte Moderna), and it was hands down my favorite place in Salvador. The museum's gorgeous, the work is beautiful, the café has these great salmon crepe thingies, and they have JAZZ outdoors on Saturday nights starting at sunset! Can you think of any place better than that in any city? And with this view?

In Praia do Forte, a fisherman's village (which is now a really expensive touristy town) about an hour north of Bahia, we had lunch as soon as we got there. And had moqueca de peixe, a typical dish from Bahia. It was a wonderful and horrible idea all at the same time. It was absolutely delish, but at the same time we could barely walk after eating so much... *sigh.

The main attraction in Praia do Forte is THESE GUYS! Projeto Tamar, a non-profit organization spread all over Brazil, is a project that keeps endangered turtles in captivity so as to make sure they don't become extinct! The one in Praia do Forte has 4 different kinds of turtles and SHARKS (I got to pet one... or three!), and a number of other cute sea creatures :-)
They don't give them all names which kind of made me sad though.

We also went snorkeling in Praia do Forte's gorgeous natural pools and got to see even more cute fishies and such :-)

Igreja do Bomfim is probably one of the most famous churches in Bahia. And if you've ever seen these ribbons on anyone's arms, this is where they originated! You're supposed to have someone tie one on your arm and you make a wish for each of the three knots the person makes. Every year there's a huge celebration and procession that ends at this church where people go to ask for all sorts of blessings!

This gorgeous sunset is at Farol da Barra (a lighthouse), on the western-most (western?) tip of Salvador.

This is a view of the second beach at Morro de São Paulo, a set of beaches on the tip of an island about a 2 1/2 hour boat ride away from Salvador (we took a ghetto route and it took us 4 hours each way, but it was worth it, don't you think?)

The port at Morro de São Paulo at sunset when we were heading back to Salvador. Isn't it breathtaking?

And there's a quick summary of my trip to Bahia!! There are more pictures on my Facebook if you'd like to check them out: Bahia de Todos os Santos.


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