Porque Voltei - Because it was the right thing to do!

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I LOVE suspense - here's the rest of Marília's story!

Continued from 03/24 where Marília, a recent "Voltei Americanizada," tells us her story about why she returned to Brazil and what life is like for her now!


... I didn't want to come back, but I knew I had to do it. I didn't want to be there and wait for a new law, or for a guy to marry me. I can do better than that. If I have to do something I would rather do it by myself and take the credit for it. Did the whole thing with my visa make me very angry? YES, of course it did. But I'm just one in a million people that probably gets screwed over by immigration policy.

So, last december I came back to Brasil (Yes, with an S) and decided to go back to school. Now I'm an International Relations student at Universidade Paulista and hopefully one day I can make a change. Or at least warn others so they won't make the same mistakes I did.

Life in Brasil ain't easy. Clothes are expensive, people work their whole lives to pay for a car, and I can write a really long list of things that SUCK here.

But you know what? I'm a Brazilian citizen and living here I feel like there are no barriers for me. I can go anywhere I want (well, except the USA for a little bit). It's hard to make money, but who said we need money to be happy? I see my friends here, having a hard life. One of my friends shares a bedroom with her divorced mother and they make it work and she is a very happy person!!!! Americans take lots of things for granted. They need huge houses, big cars, and brand named clothes, while here we are happy having a little BBQ with "linguiça" and french bread.

Now one thing Brazilians are so far behind in is politeness. Not many people have good manners, no one says excuse-me! They just push their babies' strollers in front of you, cut lines, take advantage, talk on the phone while at dinner, sometimes SITTING AT THE TABLE! God damn it, it's a cell phone just take few steps away from the table. Americans are great with good manners. Or am I too Americanized and say sorry, please, thank you and excuse-me all the time?

All I know for sure is, every American I met and left behind became a little Brazilian and I came back a little Americanized :)

I still love the USA, I miss my friends there EVERY SINGLE DAY (they are like family to me), I miss the "easy" part of the life there, safety, freedom, the independence I had, my own car, living by myself, making money just sitting at a house while the kids slept and much more. But why am I gonna fight or go crazy for a country that doesn't accept me as one of their own just because I was born in a different place? I bet I know the lyrics of the the "Star Spangled Banner" better than many Americans!

Thanks Poly for the space here! You are my hero and you know that!!! Maybe one day we will meet halfway CT-PA, drink a Miller light, and laugh of all the things we went though.


Thank you so much Marília!!
Kids, questions/comments for her?


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