O Ano Só Começa Depois do Carnaval!

By 21:54

Here in Brazil there's a saying that goes, "O ano só começa depois do Carnaval!" The year only begins after Carnaval.

I used to laugh it off... until it happened to me.

It's been a couple of weeks, but... I get back from my Carnaval trip and...

1. The DAY I get back, I sprain my ankle and end up going to the hospital that Wednesday and am forced to take the bus to work instead of my lovely walk to the train. *stressful.

2. I started my MBA! Granted it's only Mon-Tues nights (every other week but we had classes last week and this week this month... since we started after Carnaval, lol), but it takes getting used to getting home at midnight and waking up at seven (thirty... 8 o'clock...). I love my classes so far by the way. I'll def. talk more about them in my Academic Blog which is part of the program and will give you all a link to!

3. I started writing for a blog and a site. The blog is "The Portuguese Blog," where I'm honored to write beside Rachel :-) If any of you are here because you want to learn Portuguese or Brazilian culture in general, I'd suggest you check it out! The other site is a Technology site and tons of fun to read (if you're a geek like me) and it's called Mobile Local Social, run by a really interesting/funny/talented guy, whose name is Travis and I was also super humbled he asked me to write. I also suggest you check out the site and feed me IDEAS as to what I should write.

4. It was everyone and their MOTHER's birthday (including Lil' Bro and Pa Dukes), so a lot of birthday celebrations and buying gifts, and missing people going on.

5. My roommate moved out this week to move in with her boyfriend (awww), and I'm still looking for a roommate because the girl who was supposed to move in backed out... booo. If anyone knows anyone in SP looking for a room to rent, my apt's pretty sweet!

6. Work has been hectic! We've gained a new client and I've taken on some more responsibilities (which is good!), but also... takes getting used to :-)

7. The woman who cleaned our apt quit on us and didn't even let us know! Then wouldn't pick up my phone calls... so I spent most of my past weekends cleaning the apt (excpet for a quick day trip to Pico do Jaraguá)! We found someone else who started today though, so yayee.

Anywho, this was just a big excuse as to why I haven't posted in the past couple of weeks.

I have some topics to talk about in the next couple of weeks though:

1. Hanging out with you guys!
2. I want to talk about Brazilian elections here - is anyone opposed?
3. More on how much USCIS sucks (but really advice on Brazilians who are in the situation I was in, in the US and are thinking of moving back).
4. I'm going on vacation on the 20th!! \o/ Location to be disclosed soon... but it's exciting. Trust me.


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