Bolsa de Valores Políticos

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Remember I said I wanted to talk about the upcoming Brazilian elections? And if you would hate me if I did?

Well, I come bearing great news about the elections - this idea came from a brokerage firm where you get to grade politicians with a certain, "value," as if they were money!

I'm just going to (loosely) translate to English what's in the video below because they explain their tool pretty well, lol.

BOVAP - Bolsa de Valores Políticos from BOVAP on Vimeo.

"BOVAP is an experimental project to get rid of the proverb that politics should not be spoken of. Politics should be talked about. But sometimes all people need is to know that their opinions will generate some sort of result. And this is where BOVAP comes in. BOVAP is a political investment tool with a financil lógic (philosophy?). In the stock market everyone knows is where people can buy fractions of companies, and here you can buy fractions of a politicians public image. You don't buy and sell company stocks, but you do buy political values. All with a fictitious coin called UVP (Unidade Valor Político, or, Units of Political Value). At BOVAP you learn to use the home broker and at the same time get to know the politicians who will be determining Brazil's future better. It's like the stock market where you buy low and sell high. It also continues looking grounds that will make each role more valuable. And just as in the financial market, any piece of information can make or break a politician's value. Everything will depend on how people will react to the news. Everything will rely on you and your buying and selling decisions. Because afterall, BOVAP is made up of the people. (marketing plug) Souza Barros is investing in your knowledge so that you can invest in Brazil."

Isn't it awesome? I'm going to play, are you?! :-)


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