Onde? Carna Caconde!

By 21:37

So my first "real" Carnaval where I went away, wore an abadá, and danced the night away with friends, was just this past week and it was WONDERFUL! I went to Caconde, SP - a small town near Minas Gerais where there were parties every night and we spent the entire day at the pool on the property we were staying at making friends with our neighbors and eating... a lot :-)

Here are some pictures to show a little bit of what we did (photo and collage credits go to Paty)!

Good times by and near the pool.

Great times out on the town.
Ready to go out + girls v. guys pics after a successful cookout!

Hope you all enjoyed!! 2 years in Brazil post coming ASAP :-) (it was my "anniversary" on the 16th!)


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