Governo de São Paulo - Trabalhando por Você

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That's the SP state government's slogan.

One thing I find funny here in Brazil is the number of commercials the government puts together to show off just how much they're doing for the city/state/country. Personally, I wish they'd invest that money in something else like, oh, I don't know.... education, health, or infrastructure?

The good news though, is that they're at least cute. And some even ask us to chip in. It was funny because I mentioned in my last post that you see a lot of garbage on the streets here in SP, and today I saw a commercial on how the state is trying to help clean up the streets, but we need to do our part too! Which was nice, I guess (still bitter that they're not spending the money elsewhere). I couldn't find that video, but I found another cutesy one and then another progandy one I wanted to post here. The commercials air on national television and usually primetime - I wonder if José Serra who's the SP state governor and running for president is using these commercials as part of his campaign... but oh wait, campaigning with government money? *sigh... #ELECTIONSFAIL.

For small business owners and low interest rate loans (propaganda):

For everyone telling us that there's no more smoking in closed public places - I'm a big fan of the law that was passed last year, so I guess I'm partial. I like this commercial because it actually shows how much smoking in bars/restaurants, etc. actually affects everyone else!

What do you guys think of these government commericals?

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