Dois Aninhos.

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Two years. Two years as of last week on the 16th or 17th - my mom and I fight about this all the time, lol. I left the US Feb. 16th, 2008 and landed in SP at around 10 PM that night. But I didn't get to my hometown in Minas until the next day... hence the fight.

In any case, thinking about this last week talking to my friends around the pool outside our cottage during Carnaval, I talked about how I hadn't stopped in one place for more than a year since high school! That was almost 7 years ago. So for 5 years I was in college where I'd be there for 9 months, then home for 3. Then I graduated and moved to DC. Then I went back home for 5 months and then Brazil! After a couple of weeks in Minas, I was in São Paulo, settled into my aunt's house. And here I am in my apartment in the heart of Vila Madalena... still. When I signed my rental contract, I thought, "No WAY I'm going to stay here for a whole 30 months," but it's been 16 months already!

So with this whole realization that São Paulo is officially "home," and I'm not going to be visiting mommy and daddy anytime soon, I realized I had no more excuses not to go to grad school. So I start tomorrow. Then I realized I had no excuse to not find a gym "in my neighborhood," so I went to a couple near my work to see if I'd like them and am trying out a yoga class a few blocks away from home this week. These past few weeks I've been hitting up doctors' offices too, because I had to face the fact that I hadn't been in ages and that I was going to have to find a doctor here and there for me to visit regularly or have someone to call if something were to happen to me (knock on wood).

Funny how time really does fly. In the past year I've been to two college graduation parties (so much better in Brazil), dated quite a bit, been to several beaches in SP (Maresias, Guarujá, Juquehy, Mongaguá, etc.), met a boy, went to Minas for Exposição, saw my brother!!, fell in love with the boy, went to Argentina, made tons of great new friends, had visits from wonderful old friends, spent Christmas with my family in Minas, fell out of love with the boy, spent the New Year under the rain in Paraty, broke up with the boy, went back to dating, written a number of articles, and guest posts, and took part writing for a huge white paper, spent Carnaval in the country, and lost a roommate to her husband-to-be!!

whew. and that was just the kind of big stuff.

The best part of this past year though?

I've felt home. :-)

The worst part of this year?

I didn't see my parents. =/

I'm hoping in the upcoming year I can still call this place home and have my parents right by my side!!!

And most importantly - this is my two year blogging anniversary!! I started this blog two years and one day ago, and can't thank all of you reading this enough for all your support, comments and overall positive energy invested in this endeavour of ours!

beijoooosss para todos!!

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