The First 25 days of the Year.

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Most people recap their previous year in January in their blog posts.

My 2010 has started off so eventful that I didn't even have time for that and already have tons of news for you guys!!

But first, an ode to 2009 - it was a wonderful year for me. In 2009, I cultivated wonderful friendships, discovered São Paulo, many of its beaches, and a little bit of the countryside as well. In 2009, I met a great guy, we started dating, and we had a great time together! My little brother came to Brazil and spent a whole month with me - bonding, hanging out (drinking together!), and fighting, just like the good ol' days. I visited a country where I wasn't native in the language, and grew professionally, doing my own research and publishing even!!

In the first 25 days of 2010, I have already seen this year promises to be just as eventful if not more!! Why? Here goes:

1. I got into a grad school! In BRAZIL!! Remember that post where I vented about whether or not I could get in to grad school in Brazil? Well, shortly after, I contacted a school that I saw had partnerships with universities in the US such as Columbia, Berkley, and MIT. So I called them up, they asked me to bring in what I had, and then told me that through their partnerships and the fact that their programs were based on these colleges' programs, they'd accept my degree for their MBA program!! Granted this "MBA," isn't a "master" degree. Here in Brazil we have a difference between, a post graduate degree that's "Latu Sensu," a specialization and "Stricto Sensu," an actual masters. This is a Latu Sensu degree and my plan is to do this and then get my masters - hopefully in 2 years I'll have figured all the other stuff out and have enough to pay for a master abroad. In the meantime, I'm excited to finally go to school in Brazil!

2. Fábio and I broke up =/ but also a good thing :-) He's a great guy and we want to still be friends, but we just weren't on the same level as to where the relationship was going, so we decided to break things off before they got bad and it was a great decision for both of us so far!! I still care for him and respect him (and vice versa, so he says, lol). Breakups always suck, but I'm looking forward to get back to doing things on my own, hanging out with my friends more, and making plans for myself. This also means that... I'm back on the singles' scene!! My friends and I joke around saying that when we're single we're "at war," so I'm back in battle. We're making carnaval plans already... ;-)

3. Vacation plans!! I've been saving up my money, little by little and hope to travel this year! I'm planning on going with two girlfriends toward the end of August/early September and we're trying to figure out where to go. We all want to go everywheerrreee. But so far we're planning on either the UK (tour de England, Scotland, & Ireland), 3 other European countries, Chile/Argentina or the Northeast of Brazil. All would be about the same price, believe it or not, haha. But we're taking suggestions if any of you have them for us!

I guess that's it - but those are three pretty big things, huh?

My friend Nancy who's living in Argentina came to visit this past weekend, so as soon as she sends me the pictures I'll post them so you can all get excited and want to come visit too!


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